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-- A New Spring Will Dawn --
'Three thousand suns ago... A seed falls from the sky. It lands on the bottom of a pond. Something beatiful starts to happen. The seed begins to sprout. It rises
and breaks the water surface. A sprite is born. Swans gather around the sprite who 
is calling them. The pond starts to effervesce. The Moon shines in the background -- it looks upon this happening. The sprite sends the swans on a voyage; some of
them to the Moon.  Each swan receives an important mission...'
Springbringer is a poetic, dream-like and musical fantasy movie about nature, its wonders, seasons, birds and animals. It was directed, filmed, edited, poems were written and music was composed by Jukka Eronen. The movie was filmed in south of Finland, Hanko, and it was in production for three years.

DVD is available for sale and it includes a Soundtrack CD (74 minutes of classical and electronic music). The first 6 minutes 
of the film can be viewed on-line. Trailers and the beginning of the film are in Windows Media -format and in YouTube.

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